Portfolio Update: Love is in the Air

I like January.  I mean it isn’t my favorite month of the year, but I like the holiday wind down.  Cleaning up, putting away, fresh start and all that.  It also means it’s about a month away from my birthday (2/15), but more importantly for you advertising designers, Valentine’s Day!  A time of year to bring out the teddy bears, heart shaped boxes of candy, and diamond necklaces.  Today, I’ve got a new series online at Stocksy United to help you get some Valentine’s Day attention.

This new image series features a young adult female model, and has an emphasis on “love notes”.  She’s outside holding paper heart notes.  She’s in the bathroom drawing lipstick hearts on the mirror for that special someone.  There’s sticky notes on the car rear view mirror left for her to find.  Also, we used red ballons, latex and heart shaped mylar, to contrast with the cold of winter, as well as the white studio interior.  Lots of copyspace in the blurred areas make these great for dropping text into.  Or just use them to accentuate a bigger design.

Don’t forget, with the royalty free license at Stocksy, you are free to use the image up to 250,000 impressions.  That’s a daily run for a large newspaper, or several days for a smaller run.  Need to go over that, because you’re national?  The Unlimited Print Extended License allows you to print the image as many times as you like.  However, if you really fall in love with an image, you can use the Market Freeze extended license to stop any further sales of an image for up to three years.  With these new images, that’s like gaining a Rights Managed exclusive use at a discount.  Any questions on extended licenses, feel free to contact me or Stocksy Support.

So, here’s a look at this new Valentine’s Day series.  Thanks for checking it out!  BTW, if you’re new to Stocksy, use discount code SJLOCKE20 for %20 off of your first licensing purchase.

stock photo: holding heart balloon

stock photo: lipstick heart on mirror

stock photo: holding paper heart

stock photo: love note on mirror

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