Portfolio Update: Valentine Crafts

Last week, I showcased a new image series for Valentine’s Day that is hosted at Stocksy United.  Well, continuing on my holiday kick from the last few months, I’ve got another brand new series up for Valentine’s Day, this one featuring a group of cute little girls making crafts.

For this new stock image set, I went to the local craft stores, Michael’s and JoAnne Crafts, and loaded up on all things red, pink and white.  Foam sheets, card stock, stickers, paper lace hearts, red glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and more.  I put it all out on the counter and told the girls “Have at it!”.  I tried not to lead them too much, but just let them have the fun of creating Valentines for mom, or a decoration for the wall, or a card for that “special someone” 🙂 .

Speaking of cards, I bet that somewhere, in a box, I have the Valentines from my elementary school classes.  You know, we would decorate up a paper bag, or a shoe box, and then one day before Valentine’s day, we’d walk around the class, playing postman, delivering all our cards.  Sometimes you got nothing back but a name on a pre-printed card, but sometimes you’d really score and a friend will have taped a piece of candy to the card.  Maybe I should have brought a box along and let this group decorate it as a mailbox.  Next time, I guess.

So here’s some previews from this new series.  As usual, a variety of composition options.  More anonymous hands creating hearts, to wider shots with lots of copyspace.  You may even be able to pick out some of the trends that Stocksy has been showcasing these last days.  See the entire series by clicking here, and thanks again for stopping by!

stock photo: girl with valentine heart

stock photo: Valentine art supplies

stock photo: girl making valentine card

stock photo: girls making valentine cards

stock photo: making a valentine

stock photo: anonymous girl making valentine

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