Monthly Archives: March 2014

Portfolio Update: Glass Blowing

As you may have gleaned from my recent posts, I’ve been trying to get more “real” and “authentic” images into my stock image portfolio at Stocksy United.  One theme I’ve been trying to hit hard is the idea of “local businesses” or “craftspeople”.  Recently, I had the opportunity to team up with a local glass art creation facility, and I think this is some of my best work yet. xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without […]

Portfolio Update: Easter

For this week’s portfolio update, I’m featuring a brand new series and a series from a few years back, both on Stocksy United, and both celebrating the Spring holiday of Easter.  It’s actually great timing, because one of the images was featured in today’s Stocksy United email promoting their Easter gallery.

“Free” Images From Getty – Why It Matters

Several days ago, Getty Images announced that it was making a large portion of the creative work it represents “free” for certain “non-commercial” websites to use.  While many bloggers applauded the move on Twitter, most photographers across the internet decried the move, despite Getty’s comment to the contrary.   What should you know about this move and why should it matter to you, as a contributor or as a stock image user?

Dropping iStockphoto Exclusivity

Recent events at iStockphoto and Getty Images have put iStock exclusive and non-exclusive contributors in a bind.  They are tied, financially, to a company that they no longer wish to support.  I’ve had some emails in my inbox with questions about the world outside of iStockphoto (for contributors).  Let’s look at some things to keep in mind when you’ve had enough.

Portfolio Update: Home Construction

Crazy winter!  I meant to get this portfolio update online yesterday, but with the 1/2 inch of snow we got (LOL), our district called a snow day, so I played with the kids instead.  Our forecasters are the worst!  So, today, I’m highlighting a relatively new series that can be found on Stocksy United – “Home Construction“.

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