Portfolio Update: Home Construction

Crazy winter!  I meant to get this portfolio update online yesterday, but with the 1/2 inch of snow we got (LOL), our district called a snow day, so I played with the kids instead.  Our forecasters are the worst!  So, today, I’m highlighting a relatively new series that can be found on Stocksy United – “Home Construction“.

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A couple of years ago, the guy in one of the homes to the rear of our house lost his marbles and tried to burn his house down.  We looked at that burned out mess for quite a while until last summer the owner had the whole thing torn completely down and sold the property off.  The new owner kept the foundation, and in late fall started building again.  Seeing my opportunity, I headed over and talked to the two guys working on putting up the framing for the first floor.  Nice guys, from out in Wentzville (to the west of here).

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They let me hang out with them for a while, just documenting their work.  The sun stayed behind the clouds, for most of the time, and when it came blazing back, that was the end.  Building things is certainly not my strong point, and I certainly look at these guys as artists, which is why I’ve added them to my Artisan Gallery on Stocksy.  In the images, they measure, they saw and nail – typical framing work.  The method to my madness was to provide lots of compositional copyspace – I think the theme lends itself to that.  Check out the images below and then head to Stocksy to see the whole session.  Don’t forget code SJLOCKE20 for 20% off your first purchase.  Thanks!

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stock image: house framer saw

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stock image: framer with wood

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stock image: framer house radio

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stock image: framer measuring

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stock image: two by four wood

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