Portfolio Update: Easter

For this week’s portfolio update, I’m featuring a brand new series and a series from a few years back, both on Stocksy United, and both celebrating the Spring holiday of Easter.  It’s actually great timing, because one of the images was featured in today’s Stocksy United email promoting their Easter gallery.

The brand new images in my portfolio revolve around the tradition of dyeing eggs.  I actually did two sets for this series.

The first set uses the kind of dye tablets that we all see in the stores this time of year.  Small tablets that are put into a cup with water and vinegar that then dissolve to provide a dye that is bright and colorful.  The series has a child doing the dyeing, with close ups on the eggs being dipped into the dye and then the final result.  Lots of copyspace room in the compositions.  The eggs are vibrantly colored and are sure to provide a striking backdrop to your copy.

The second set is about more natural, organic egg dyes.  These dyes are created using vegetables to provide the color.  The red comes from beets, the yellow is derived from yellow onion skins, and the blue is from, suprisingly, red cabbage.  The vegetables are put into boiled water for a few minutes and cooled, and then vinegar is added.  From what I read, people just tend to do this in the cooking pots, but I opted to pour the dye into cups again.  The colors are pastels and more muted than the commercial dye tablets, and it takes a while longer to get the eggs to color.  These images were shot on a weathered wood background, some with a child dipping the eggs.  Again, lots of copyspace, and various compositions to provide choice to the buyer.  By the way, if you’re looking to try coloring with natural egg dyes, this process was not hard at all, and there’s lots of other colors you can make as well.

The last part of the Easter gallery is more about the people than the eggs.  Two cute kids and their mom are dyeing eggs at the kitchen table.  The photos are bright and colorful, and full of fun.  I know my kids love to dye eggs, and these kids had a great time doing it.

Check out the images below, or the whole gallery at this link.  Think Spring and don’t forget code SJLOCKE20 at checkout for 20% off your first licensing at Stocksy!

stock image: easter background

stock image: kids coloring eggs

stock image: using beet dye on eggs

stock image: green egg dye

stock image: dyeing an easter egg

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