Mother’s Day Stock Images 2014

Last year, just in time for Mother’s Day, I put up a new series on Stocksy United with a little girl making M-O-M cupcakes, and making breakfast for her mother.  This year, I’ve got two new series online, and the concentration is on babies!

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What mother doesn’t like being put up on the queen’s throne, at least once a year, if not more often?  Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday, May 11.  Kids will be making breakfasts, drawing cards, picking flowers from the garden and penning heartfelt sentiments.

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To my mom, you’re the best,
You’re so much better than all the rest,
So, please remember the smile on my face,
When I tell you I broke your vase.

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The first series has two adorable babies, around 8 months old, and the theme is “feeding time”.  These images were created in response to a Stocksy buyer request for babies eating different foods.  One of the mothers takes the opportunity to make baby food from scratch in a blender, with bananas, blueberries and yogurt.  The babies also eat cereal based snacks, and regular baby food out of plastic containers.  I’ll tell you, glass jars are hard to find these days – everyone has gone to these little tubs.

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The second series is more of an “around the house” theme, with an African American family.  Still on the feeding trend though, there are shots of the baby being bottle fed.  There’s also her playing with the mother, lying in a crib in the bedroom, and posing for a “selfie”.

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I’ve also collected all the images I have that would be suitable for Mother’s Day into a gallery on Stocksy, which you can view here:—mothers-day  .  So don’t forget to give Mom a call on Sunday!

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stock photo: homemade baby food

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stock photo: eating baby food

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stock photo: baby snacks

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stock photo: tasting lemon

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stock photo: mother baby selfie

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stock photo: baby in crib

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stock photo: mother looking at crib

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