Portfolio Update: Soccer Backgrounds

Hey, there’s a big international soccer tournament coming up next month.  Did you know?  Do you need a background image related to this competition that’s taking place in Brasil? 🙂

Heh, heh.  I hear the organization that is in charge of running the 2014 World Cup is a bit over the top when it comes to protecting their brand investment.  Of course, like the Superb Owl (that football contest in February), there is nothing wrong with licensing content that does not infringe on their protected marks.  So, I present to you this background series for said competition.

The backgrounds use both a darker mahogany and a lighter weathered wood table top as their base.  On the base sits a soccer ball (different for each wood).  Around the balls are placed various soccer themed items.  There are various flags representing some of the countries involved, such as Brasil, the United States, Germany, England, Australia, Argentina, and more.  I’ve got some scarves for the United States, Brasil and Ireland.  A variety of soccer jerseys as well.  There are “plain” backgrounds, and then some “party” ones with streamers and confetti.  And what soccer theme would be complete without a vuvuzela or an air horn?

You can find the entire series on all of my distribution partners, including Shutterstock, and my own Photoshelter site.  So whichever site your business uses, you can be accommodated.  And here’s a discount code for Photoshelter, which will save you 20% on your licensing needs this week: SOCCER2014 (enter upon checkout).  Thanks!

stock photo: soccer row of flags

stock photo: soccer world cup

stock photo: germany soccer ball

stock photo: brasil soccer background

stock photo: usa soccer background

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