New “World Cup Soccer Fans At The Pub” Stock Image Series

Had you heard?  The World Cup starts up this coming Thursday!  Even if you’re not a soccer/football fan, you’ll likely have heard that this competition is taking place in Brasil this year.  If you’re a designer or advertiser, you’ll want to read on, because I’ve got a whole new royalty free stock image series that was recently created, just for this event and it’s exclusively available at Stocksy United.

Around the world, the favorite place to watch soccer/football, aside from the actual competition venue, is the local pub or bar.  Even here in the United States, fans flock to their local drinking establishment to hang out with other fans and cheer on their home teams.  A quick image search at Google shows how popular and exciting these gatherings can be… Google Image Search


I set out to recreate the feeling and excitement that editorial photographers have captures in images like those.  I gathered together a multi-ethnic group of fans who could be supporting a variety of nationalities.  I secured a cool pub location with that look and feel that goes great with the subject matter.  Plenty of country specific props, like flags, scarves and uniform jerseys.  Scarves, for the uninitiated, are very big in soccer stadiums, with entire crowds holding them up and waving them in the air.

These fans are in the pub, watching the football game on television, excited at scores, depressed at losses, hopeful when the team is on the move.  They’re having a beer and betting with friends over what team will move up the bracket.  There’s no soccer balls in the images, so some of these could actually be used for any international sporting event.

To help these images keep the feel of the editorial style images, I used some light filtering to give them a bit of that “phone camera” look.  There’s also some where I dragged the shutter, allowing the flash to freeze a bit in focus while movement brought in some motion blur.

Hopefully, you’ll find this new image series useful for your World Cup soccer/football advertising and designs.  See the whole pub fan series here.  Thanks for checking them out!  Don’t forget code: SJLOCKE2014 for 20% off your first licensing.

stock image: soccer fan at pub

stock photo: soccer fans with beer

stock photo: germany sports fan

stock photo: brasil fan upset

stock photo: soccer fans betting

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