More World Cups Fans At The Pub Stock Photos

I took a few days off this week to visit my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Caught a Pirates game – nice stadium, but I think I like Busch Stadium better.  A little more “Exciting”, although the Pittsburgh skyline seen over the outfield is great.  While I was gone, I had some more of my “soccer fans at the pub/bar” series get through the queue, so I thought I’d spotlight a couple more.

The other day I introduced this new soccer/football fan stock image series here: Quick review: multi-ethnic  group of World Cup (or even regular sports fans) in a pub, cheering, drinking, betting, and just generally having fun.  Countries highlighted include Ireland, Brasil, the USA and Germany.  Lots of country specific items like flags and scarves.

You can see some more images below, or visit: Don’t forget code SJLOCKE20 for 20% off of your first licensing.  Thanks!

stock photo: betting on soccer

stock photo: united states soccer fans

stock photo: united states soccer fans

stock photo: worried germany soccer fan

stock photo: soccer fans toasting game

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