Portfolio Update: Independence Day Fireworks Stand

Summertime in the United States means swimming pools, picnics, camping and fireworks!  Americans love to shoot off any and all kinds of pyrotechnics to celebrate the July 4th holiday.  This week I’ve got a new royalty free stock image series called “At the Fireworks Stand” to show you.

Here in St. Louis, a few weeks before Independence day, red and white (and sometimes blue) temporary tents start popping up like daisies.  The far corner of a parking lot, the empty field on the corner, that spot next to the auto shop – every space is fair game for the seasonal entrepreneur to hoist up their own business big top and fill it with everything from $.25 sparklers to $600 complete firework shows.  Sure, the law says using the purchases is limited to July 3rd and 4th, but that doesn’t stop the locals from lighting up every night for a week before.

This new stock image series was created at a nearby tent.  The images are shot from varying angles, with lots of copyspace.   Images were composed to show the products, but keep them generic.  A woman is shopping and browsing through the stand picking up fountains, roman candles, sparklers and firecrackers.  Processed with a bit of style, this new content grabs the eye and will help illustrate your article or advertisement.

This series is exclusive to Stocksy United.  If you haven’t shopped there for stock images yet, you can use SJLOCKE20 for %20 off at checkout.  And you can see the whole series at this link: http://www.stocksy.com/sjlocke/shoot/10391  Also, you can view my entire July Fourth collection at this link: http://www.stocksy.com/sjlocke/gallery/holiday—july-4th   Thanks, and have a safe holiday!


stock photo: flag at fireworks stand

stock photo: fireworks warning sign

stock photo: buying fireworks

stock photo: buying fireworks

stock photo: buying firecrackers

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