iStockphoto Change Illustration

Every now and then, I like to take a break from image work and do a little scripting.  I see a lot of buyer and contributor confusion over all the changes coming to iStockphoto, so I put together this calculator in javascript.

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Keep in mind that we don’t know the credit pack pricing come September 13th, 2014.  We do know the minimum and maximum credit prices though ($8 and $15), so I set this up based on the spread of discounts for the current credit pack pricing, plugging in that min/max to find the numbers.  This is only for fun, and illustrative purposes, and you enter in the numbers, so don’t come yelling back to me 😉 . If you’re still confused after all this, try licensing some work from my portfolio at Stocksy, instead.

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Buyer Illustration

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How many iStockphoto credits do you have in your account today?

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What was the average price paid per credit?

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(Result to appear here)
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Contributor Illustration

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What “old” per credit price would you like to assume? (example: 1.85)

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What “new” per credit price would you like to assume? (example: 12.00)

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What is your royalty level? (example: .35)

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(Result to appear here)
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