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As an “independent contributor”, I am constantly looking for opportunities to expand my distribution of stock images.  This week, I’ve decided to take a look at Dreamstime, and I found that while support is helpful, the uploading process is quite painful.  So, I’ve written a greasemonkey script to help the process along.

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The problem is that once a batch of images are uploaded, they each need to be attended to one by one for submitting.  The category list is extensive and requires extensive scrolling and attention, and the three category pull downs do not hold information from the last image.  Since I submit images from a single shoot in a batch, this was a real time suck, having to click and scroll on every image.  The same goes for the model release selection system.  First, the select box is tiny, and I have dozens of models.  I don’t want to be scrolling and scrolling on every page to find the same names.

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So, what I did with this greasemonkey script was to use browser cookies to track recent choices.  The category pull downs will now hold and re-select the last choices made to them.  Same for the model release box.  Additionally, you can save a group of model releases and recall them back.  This would come in handy if you had a group shoot of 20 people, but each image only has 10 or so.  Just use the recall button on each image, and then deselect the ones you don’t want for that image.  Easier than having to select what you do need.

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You can find this script here:

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This did take a little bit of my time, so if you feel appreciative of this or past script work, maybe you’d like to buy me a beer, and I will drink it in your honor.  Just use the Paypal button down below.  Thanks!

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