Monthly Archives: October 2014

Now Licensing On Dreamstime

If you’re interested in licensing my stock photography work, but find yourself locked into one particular agency due to company policy, this may be good news for you.  I am currently adding stock content to my portfolio on Dreamstime: xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy ambien online without prescription valium online without prescription buy xanax online valium for sale soma online pharmacy buy xanax […]

Portfolio Update: The Hospital Patient Room

I’ve got a fairly successful set of images on Stocksy United that I license, around the theme of “The Clinic Exam Room”.  I’m also licensing a series shot “In the Hospital”.  Both were created in my studio, which is fine, but it always helps to go a step beyond if at all possible and shoot in a “real” and “authentic” location.  Thus my new series: “The Hospital Patient Room”.

This image is protected by copyright law. Please contact me for licensing information. Thanks!