Portfolio Update: The Hospital Patient Room

I’ve got a fairly successful set of images on Stocksy United that I license, around the theme of “The Clinic Exam Room”.  I’m also licensing a series shot “In the Hospital”.  Both were created in my studio, which is fine, but it always helps to go a step beyond if at all possible and shoot in a “real” and “authentic” location.  Thus my new series: “The Hospital Patient Room”.

In the heat of summer and the dead of winter here in St. Louis, I like to head indoors for my location shoots.  St. Louis is unpredictable when you’re talking a few weeks out – it isn’t like Orlando where it’s pretty much sunny with a chance of a 3:00 thunderstorm.  So, I’ve been working for a while to find a hospital location with modern patient rooms.  It’s one of those “holy grail” locations, because their schedules for rooms are so variable, they have to deal with patient privacy, etc.  They’re just hard to secure, so we had to play it by ear up until the morning of the shoot.

My real holy grail is a bank location.  Impossible.  $100 to anyone that can get me into a bank somewhere!

I’ve been trying to gather new faces for my recent work, mixing them with my past models.  Not knowing the new people so well, I like to have some faces I know I can depend on to show up, just in case.  This time, everything went as planned and we had a great multi-ethnic group spanning a wide age range.

I had some time to shoot without the models while they gathered downstairs.  Plenty of time to shoot in the room, most everything I planned, making it look generic enough, while still incorporating the technology.  Lots of compositional variety, copyspace, and subject matter. Then we walked over to a nearby, out-of-the-action hallway with great windows down one side.  Bright, but not crazy “microstock” style white.

Take a look at some of the series below, and then go over to Stocksy for more and use discount code SJLOCKE20 for 20% off your first license purchase.  Thanks, and Happy October!


stock photo: patient at window

stock photo: friend hugs patient

stock photo: checking patient's lungs

stock photo: nurse with digital tablet

stock photo: nurse pushes patient in wheelchair

stock photo: hospital bed


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