Stocksy Makes It Easier To Buy Extended Licenses

When you license a stock image for use in your work, you’re really entering into a contract that allows you certain rights to use that image.  This week, Stocksy United did a revamp of their image pages that makes it easier for you to purchase the rights you need for your project.  Let’s take a look…

Most image libraries these days offer stock content that is under a “royalty free” license.  The simple explanation of that term is that you pay once up front for certain rights, and then can use it in perpetuity within the terms of the license without further payment – thus it is “royalty free” after the initial purchase.

However, the buyer needs to adhere to the terms of that base agreement, and should definitely read the CLA (content license agreement) for what is allowed and what is not.  This is not an agreement you should skip over, because that can get you in trouble.  Most agencies, under their general license, restrict how many times an image can be reproduced, where the digital content can reside in an organization, and whether it can be or how it can be used on items that are being sold for a profit.  Typically “RF” images come at a pretty reasonable cost because they are licensed to you to help you promote your business or product – like in an advertisement, promotional calendar, etc.  They aren’t there to be slapped on a coffee mug and sold.

However, additional rights can be purchased so that the contributor/creator gets a bit of the extra benefit from those kinds of uses.  That’s only fair, right?  USA Today sells 3.1 million papers in a day for money – they should compensate the photographer extra for the benefit they get from the content.  These types of rights are known as “Extended Licenses”.


Stocksy has changed up their image details page a bit to make buying extended licenses easier.  Previously (and still, in some other agencies) the options were only available in a pull down menu, meaning you could only choose one extended license per image.  Now, if you need permission for both physical and electronic items to be resold, you can easily accomplish that with multiple checked boxes.  Likewise, if you need to distribute the content across multiple locations in your organization and use it more than 250,000 times in reproduction, choosing the licenses is easy-peasy.

Not available on this screen is the Market Freeze extended license and the Sensitive Usage extended license.  With Market Freeze you can take an image off the market place for a period of time to stop others from buying rights for that image.  Sensitive use is for … sensitive use.  Both of these take a bit of extra work, so just contact support if you need those rights.

Don’t forget, some other helpful things will appear in this area if the conditions apply.  Like the site will inform you if you’ve already licensed the image, so you don’t buy it twice.  Or the option to easily upgrade from one image size to another for just the price difference will be there, if you’ve previously purchased it.  Other sites may or may not have these features, but this kind of thing will always save you time and money at Stocksy.

Head over and check things out and use my SJLOCKE20 code for 20% off of your first license purchase.  Thanks!

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