The 12 Months Of Stock Photos

You can picture John Denver and the Muppets singing this if you like.  All these images were created in 2014:

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, twelve models cheering:

stock photo: soccer fans

Eleven dozen turkeys:

stock photo: turkey farm

Ten candy letters:stock photo: you're fired cake

Nine candles burning:

stock photo: hanukkah lights

Eight Easter eggs:

stock photo: easter eggs

Seven popcorn boxes:

stock photo : popcorn boxes

Six month old baby:

stock photo: cute baby and mother

Five delicious Thanksgiving siiiiiiiiiiides:

stock photo: thanksgiving sides

Four kinds of beer:

stock photo: beer flight

Three matzoh balls:

stock photo: matzoh ball soup

Two models kissing:

stock photo: ice skaters kiss

And one Santa keeping an eye on you!

stock photo: santa claus


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