Twas The Night Before Deadline

A little more holiday humor this week…

‘Twas the night before deadline and I started to fret.
For I hadn’t sourced any stock photography yet.

My design was cutting edge, very “right now” if you please,
but photos I searched, turned up “old school” and “cheese”.

It’s not that there’s not good stuff to be found,
but in zillions of files it’s a bit underground.

When suddenly dear Google, through my workplace’s proxy,
turned up this new site, the agency: Stocksy.

The glare from my monitor with it’s 40 inch screen,
showed my smile like I’d been given a plate of poutine.

On what did my wandering mouse arrow click?
Well, the curated feed, and I scrolled down real quick!

Look at those pictures, so authentic and real,
With some artsy work too that showed great appeal.

There’s Santas and soups and a variety of toys,
Valentine pictures of girls kissing boys.

Indian men, in all of their finery,
Curly haired guys working hard in a winery.

Yeah, birthdays, go bikers, and fruit lit on fire!
Well, now here’s a place that can really inspire!

I yelled for my boss ( he was dressed in a suit ).
He needed to come, for he has all the loot.

He gave things a look and he started to smile,
since using the interface wasn’t a trial.

He liked the cash pricing, no subscriptions to see.
And no silly “credits” – we really felt free!

He told me “Get buying!” and then shared a wink.
Walked out of the room to go get a drink.

But I heard him yell out from across all the halls …
Everyone check out Stocksy!  It’s real AMAZEBALLS!

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