More New Year’s 2015 Stock Photos Available

A week or so ago, I told you about a new royalty free stock image series, exclusively at Stocksy United, themed for New Year’s Eve and 2015.  Today, I’m presenting some more New Year’s photos, but these are in my microstock collection, available on Photoshelter, as well as my other distributors.

There are two series, actually.  One is a set of grunge backgrounds, and one is an isolated people series.

The grunge series would be great for full page ads, because I’ve set them up with lots of copyspace and a more monotoned background, which will keep attention on your text.  They are heavily filtered in today’s style and feature lots of confetti, party favors and champagne.  Some are 2015 specific, and others are more generic New Year’s theme, without speaking to any one year.

The other series is shot all on a white background, which, of course, makes it very easy to integrate into your ad design, or to drop text over.  The two models have great personality and different ethnicities – one is Hispanic, and the other mixed.  Clothing is casual, but appropriate for the event.  Some of the images are more generic to the theme, and some include “2015”, including some new additions to my “Calendar” series, which I update every year.  By the way, if you have one of these calendar images, if you contact me, I will put any month you like on it, for a $5 fee.

Check out this new series below, and then visit my portfolio on the distributor of your choice to license some for your needs.  By the way, if you like these models, there are more in the series coming that are non-holiday.  Thanks and have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!

stock photo: new year 2015 background

stock photo: year 2015 blur

stock photo: new year background

stock photo: champagne for new year

stock photo : hands with 2015

stock photo: 2015 birthday cake

stock photo: calendar january 2015

stock photo: couple celebrates 2015

stock photo: couple celebrates new year's

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