Monthly Archives: February 2015

The White And Gold Dress

xanax online no prescriptionSo, this image has been floating around all day, with the question of “Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?”.  It’s really not clear though, what we are asking here.  There’s really two issues – the color of the pixels in the image, and the actual color of the dress in real life. tramadol online without prescriptionFirst though, some information.  When you take a photo on something like a camera phone, the camera brain […]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Props

I should have a garage sale. Well, more of a studio sale. My shelves are full of all kinds of things that have caught my eye over the years that I thought would be useful for photos. Some things have been used once, like the giant plastic baby bottle. Other things get used a lot more often. Here’s a look at a few of my favorite props…

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