These Are A Few Of My Favorite Props

I should have a garage sale. Well, more of a studio sale. My shelves are full of all kinds of things that have caught my eye over the years that I thought would be useful for photos. Some things have been used once, like the giant plastic baby bottle. Other things get used a lot more often. Here’s a look at a few of my favorite props…

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stock photo: pregnant woman

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The clipboard. I have a bunch of clipboards. I even spent a few bucks recently on one of those metal ones that doctors carry around the hospital. For some reason though, I always like this red one. Maybe it’s the punch of color. Maybe it’s the mystery of what could be inside its depths. Here’s a search on Stocksy with clipboards.

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stock photo: football background

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I dig watching football. No particular team aside from the Steelers – just fun getting into the mood each fall of tailgates, stadium food, and all that. So I do a lot of football images. It is a bear to try and photoshop logos off the balls you get at your sports store. The texture is incredibly unforgiving. So one year, I spent a while finding an un-logo’d ball. No, I’m not going to tell you where. Anyways, I use it quite often.

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stock photo: drugs and prescription

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Drugs. Who doesn’t love ’em? At least fake ones. I use these capsules in all kinds of images, but I had bought them for my pharmacy images a while back. Only problem is the capsules come in huge jugs, and you have to buy, like, a hundred bottles with caps of one size. So, I’m set if I ever decide to go Walter White.

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stock photo: delivery manThe cardboard box. It’s a surprise from the Wells Fargon Wagon. It holds your earthly belongings in a move. Wrapped in red, it’s a Christmas present. It’s geometric. It’s easy to add overlays to. They’re cheap. And overdone. I don’t do a lot with boxes anymore, aside from stacks of gifts, but I did quite a few in my day.

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stock photo: woman in pajamas with tablet

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No, not pajamas. The digital tablet. Laptops are too bulky. iPads are too recognizable. The generic looking digital tablet in grey is perfect. It says “I’m on the bleeding edge of technology, but I’m not paying crazy amounts to be there, and my phone is too small for whatever I’m doing”. I bought it a few years ago at Costco, but it’s still holding its design well. I may have to drop $200 on a Chromebook or something in the next year though.

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That does it for today. This has inspired me to do “props that haven’t paid for themselves yet” another day. Keep an eye out.

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One thought on These Are A Few Of My Favorite Props

  1. Fun post! I look forward to the one on props that haven’t paid for themselves. It would also be interesting to see how you keep it all organized.

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