A Few Of My Least Favorite Props

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a somewhat humorous (I thought) ode to my favorite stock “props”.  The items I find myself using more than a few times.  Today, it’s the opposite.  Oh, why did I spend money on these for one use?

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First off, it’s the “food scale”.  I bought it to stand in for something a jeweler might use to weigh gold at a house party.  While that may certainly be a legitimate use, I haven’t used it again.  Oh, I guess I could do a series on dieting and keeping track of food calories, but I haven’t been inspired to.  Yet.

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stock photo: jewelry party

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Then we have “the credit card”.  Useful in many situations, but an ultimate pain to shoot and edit so it isn’t recognizable as any specific brand.  Which is why I made myself a custom gift card that looked like any other credit.  Which I then lost.  And it had $10 loaded onto it (the minimum).  Which is why I hate credit cards.

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stock photo: using a credit card

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So, I had an idea for a series using stanchions and velvet ropes, in studio, on white.  However, when I got them from the rental place, the velvet ropes were like 8 feet long, and my shooting area wasn’t big enough to use those without it looking really silly.  So, I ran to the fabric store, bought velvet fabric and foam, and my wife and I spent the event rolling our own ropes, about 3 feet long.  Then I had to unscrew the end hooks from the long ones and put them on the short ones.  In the end, they looked great, but now I have five velvet “ropes” with no end hanging on my shelf because I don’t want to throw them out for all the work they took.

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stock photo: red carpet

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It’s always bugged me that I spent $200 on this costume, but I never came up with any other use for it.  I don’t know any guys that look like Sherlock Holmes, so it would be difficult to use it in a “realistic” setting.  For this, though, it worked fine, and I’ve probably made my money back.  Still, there it sits on my rack.

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stock photo: sherlock holmes

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Lastly, this baby bottle.  Another one-time use.  I mean, how many uses are there for a giant plastic bottle?  It was good for this, and not too costly, so I don’t feel too badly.  I just see it on my shelf and grimace.

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stock photo: baby bottle filled with cash

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So, there are some of my least favorite props that are sitting in my studio.  There’s probably a few more I could list as well – the plastic grass sections, the small cabinet from Wal-mart, the pinata …  Which reminds me.  I have some Cinco De Mayo image to go shoot.  Have a good week!

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