Portfolio Update: Cinco De Mayo

I was out of the country last week.  Did you miss me?  Well, I’m back, and today’s portfolio update features a new series – “Cinco De Mayo Party” – at my newest stock agency partner, Westend61 .   So, read on!

Westend61 is an agency out of Germany, and has gotten many glowing comments from my stock content colleagues.  They are an exclusive “macro” agency, but they distribute content to over 100 other vetted sites.  From conversations with them and others, I feel they are a “trustable” partner in this industry, so I’m going to be uploading various series/content there that I feel would benefit sales-wise, from a wide distribution.  That said, they do have their own front end for stock purchasing: Westend61.  Anyways, I’m excited to now be a contributor there – find my content at this link: Sean at Westend61 .

This new series was shot in studio with natural light and was created for the celebration of “Cinco De Mayo” – a Mexican independence holiday that has turned into an American party day that revolves around drinking margaritas and beer and eating nachos.  The set is filled with fun colors and a bit of filtering to give it a slight “instagram” sort of feel.  The Christmas lights throughout the images are the kind of thing you see in cantinas as is the faded reddish wooden table background.  These images would be great for advertising use, with easy text layover:

Cinco: Beer And Margarita Background For Celebration Party

You can also find the series at my personal Photoshelter portfolio site: click here, ole’ .  There are additional, similar images in the Photoshelter set that are not found at Westend61.  To celebrate, here’s a coupon code for %20 any purchase in my Photoshelter portfolio, good through March 20th – MARGARITA20 (enter at checkout).

So, check out some of the images here and then give Westend61 a visit.  Thanks!

stock photo: cinco de mayo drinks

stock photo: nachos

stock photo: margarita

stock photo: lime in mexican beer

stock photo: beer and lights background

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