Portfolio Update: Tattoo Studio

Turns out, one of my models from a previous stock photo session is a tattoo artist in real life.  So last week, I took a drive across state lines to catch him at work to make this new royalty free image series – “At The Tattoo Studio”, now available through Westend61.

So, at the studio, I got to spend about two hours chatting and shooting with the artist and his customer.  The customer is really into ink art and has a huge Japanese inspired landscape across his shoulder.  I tried to include that in some of the images to give context between a finished piece, and the work in progress going on on the lower arm.  The new piece was a money theme, with work being done on Benjamin Franklin on his denomination.  I was able to get some real macro images of the needles as well.

This series is available right now in my portfolio at Westend61, as well as at my personally hosted Photoshelter site (which has a few additional images to see).  I’ve got some more series I’m working on submitting to Westend61, so keep an eye out.  Thanks!

stock photo: tattoo ink

stock photo: working on tattoo

stock photo: artist works on tattoo

stock photo: selfie of tattoo work

2 thoughts on Portfolio Update: Tattoo Studio

  1. Thank you for the photo shoot opportunity Sean and also for coming all the way to Springfield, IL to capture the pics! I had a blast! I mean how many tattoo clients ever actually have an opportunity for something like that!

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