New Image Series: “Mother And Child At Home”

It’s April 1st, and of course, April Fool’s Day, but this one’s no joke.  A new series available at Westend61 for licensing of a mother and child spending time around the house. 

This new royalty free image series has a young Caucasian mother and her toddler aged boy just hanging around the house, doing things people do at home.  He’s learning to walk, she’s reading a book to him, they’re cleaning the playroom, and just being playful together.  Of course, Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and these would be great to illustrate a holiday ad, or a parenting article or really anything that needs an interjection of real life.  Lighting is natural, posing is light.  So these should fit right into any use that needs the feeling of authenticity or truth in its imagery.

You can find this new series at Westend61 as I mentioned, and also at my personally hosted Photoshelter collection.  Thanks for reading, and hope you’re having a great Spring!

stock photo: boy learning to walk

stock photo: boy and mother playing

stock photo: boy gives big smile

stock photo: toddler climbs stairs

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