Portfolio Update: Casino Games

Feeling lucky?  Think the dice will roll your way?  Expecting a ’21’?  Want to throw a few bucks on the table?  Well, satisfy that urge with my new, exclusive to Stocksy United, royalty free image series: “Casino Games”.

This new series is something I’ve been trying to put together for quite a while.  Here in Missouri, while we have lots of casinos, it’s very hard to gain access to a venue that has games of chance for a photo session like this.  However, I finally managed to pull it off.

The games included in this set are Blackjack, Roulette and Craps.  The compositions vary throughout, from wide angles showing the whole table, including the people betting, to close ups on chips and cards, with lots of copyspace room for text.  The chips are necessarily generic, with no city or venue label on them.  The playing cards are custom, with my own design on the back – no need to worry about Bicycle, Bee or any other trademarked patterns!  Shot with natural light from the venue, including some nice string lights in the background of some.

The model group is multi-ethnic, with a nice variety of ages included as well.  I’ve even secured a professional dealer for this shoot to make sure that everything on the table makes sense, as far as payouts, cards, etc., goes.  She was a great teacher, and it was much better than me trying to guess at things with my limited knowledge from two trips to Vegas.   With my brother Ray, who taught me to count cards.  Kidding.  Ok, so you know the table set-ups are authentic.

Here’s a few from the series, and then check out more at Stocksy.  Thanks!

stock photo: people playing roulette

stock photo: playing craps

stock photo: dealer at craps

stock photo: blackjack

stock photo: man at roulette

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