Cinco De Mayo Party Series

I have to admit, I love shooting “holiday” related stock images.  So, once again, I’ve gone to the upcoming Cinco De Mayo holiday for inspiration for this new exclusive-to-Stocksy-United image series: “Backyard Cinco De Mayo Party”.

Yes, I know most Americans aren’t really celebrating the Cinco De Mayo holiday for its Mexican heritage.  It’s really just a reason to get together with friends, drink Margaritas and Mexican beer and have tacos and nachos.  So, that’s what we’ve got here.  A group of friends, at the backyard table, having some fun.  Tiki torches and multi-colored lights set the mood at sunset.  For the Margaritas, there’s salt rimming and tequila being poured.  Some guacamole is made by hand.  One friend opens a beer for another.  The food arrives and everyone passes it around to make chicken tacos.

Speaking of tacos, this 30 something group of real friends enjoyed the food and learned a new tip.  Supermarket rotisserie chickens are great for tacos!  Actually, they’re great for everything.  For $7, you can get fresh cooked chicken that you can shred and use in casseroles, nachos, soup, anything, really.  Add in some cojita cheese, cilantro, onion, pineapple, jalapenos and you’ve got my favorite tacos.

So, get your Cinco by previewing some of these images below, and then heading over to Stocksy to check out the whole series.  Bueno!

stock photo: making margarita

stock photo: drinking margarita

stock photo: making guacamole

stock photo: cinco de mayo party

stock photo: cinco de mayo table

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