Stocksy Makes Extended License Better Deal For Buyers

The title of the post says it all.  There’s been a change at Stocksy that makes one, or, well, two, of the extended licenses, a better deal for buyers.  Read on!

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If you recall, Stocksy United is a co-op, which means that members own the business and are able to change certain things during annual votes.  At our annual meeting this year, one of the resolutions voted on resulted in a change to the extended license offerings.

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Previous to the vote, Stocksy offered a “Products for Resale” license and an “Electronic Products for Resale” license.  The former, priced at $500, allowed the buyer to use Stocksy content on things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc., that they could then sell to the consumer.  The latter, for $700, allowed a buyer to use content in things like screensavers, web or Photoshop templates, apps, etc., that would then be sold.  The result of the vote has meant that these two licenses are now combined into one “Products For Resale” license:

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Allows for incorporation of Content into paper, non-paper, print, and electronic products intended for resale. Such products include but are not limited to posters, calendars, stationery items, photo books, stickers, mugs, T-shirts, other apparel, mousepads, games, toys, framed artwork, screensavers, web site or presentation templates, wallpapers, application or other software products, or content used in connection with mobile devices for resale or any other distribution for profit.

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And the price for the combined license has been set at the previous price for just the physical product license.  So, what would have cost a buyer $1200 a few weeks ago, can now be bought for $500!  So, if you’ve been thinking about a series of products you’d like to create, physical or electronic, with Stocksy content, now is the time to buy!  If it’s your first time at Stocksy, use coupon code SJLOCKE20 for 20% off.

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