Portfolio Update: “Beach Girl”

Over spring break this year, I had the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean island of Bonaire to do some scuba diving.  Lots of fish down there.  While on the island, I managed to carve out a little time to do a beach shoot with a local model that would be great for your holiday/travel designs!

It was terribly windy all week, every day between 20-30 mph.  Luckily, the afternoon the shoot was arranged wasn’t too bad.  I had set up this shoot, just the week before, with Salva Models, run by a former Victoria’s Secret model.  The women in the agency were all very European – tall, thin, dark hair.  I told the owner I was interested in doing some stock “beach” images at our resort, and she set me up with a great model.

The images are all about relaxation and water fun.  The model is taking a nap on a lounger.  Reading a book or texting on her phone.  Standing in the lovely waters to cool off.  Ready to go snorkeling.  The sand is perfect – white and fine.

Again, these would make great material for ads about “getting away from it all”, or even articles on “technology on holiday”.  Lots of copyspace for easy text placement.  Plenty of time before summertime peak in the Northern Hemisphere, and even better for winter travel advertising.

Preview the series below and then check the series at Stocksy United by clicking here.  Thanks!

stock photo: girl with phone on beach

stock photo: girl in tropical waters

stock photo: girl napping on beach

stock photo: ready to snorkel

stock photo: beach hammock

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