New RF Stock Series: “At The Coffee Shop”

We’re in the heat of summer here in St. Louis.  Over 100 degrees heat index makes for a bit of sweating and no outdoor shooting.  Today, though, I’d like to show you a new set of stock images, exclusively at Stocksy United – “At the Coffee Shop”.

In the area around my studio, we’ve got some cute little shops and restaurants.  When thinking of new ideas for stock photos, I run through the local businesses to see if there are any I could make a new contact with.  Sometimes I’ll trade some of the images for access to the venue or do some custom images.  Other times, I’ll go in during an off time, and all I need to do is run up a tab when they normally don’t have customers.  This was one of the latter shoots.  It’s a cute little chocolate/coffee shop and bar.  Rustic tables, big windows, appetizer food and drinks.

I brought in a group of six or so models, with laptops and phones.  We did things like “video chat”, “business brainstorming”, and “working by oneself”.  The lighting is mostly natural, with a bit of strobe added just to increase the ambient.  Most of the lighting comes from the large windows on the side.  This is a nice group of models, bringing together a range of looks and ages.  Some of the coffee drinks even feature the barista rosetta design in the foam.

Take a look below, and then check out the whole series over at Stocksy United.  Thanks, and Happy Monday!

stock photo: fancy coffee

stock photo: coffee and working

stock photo: working and coffee

stock photo: paying for tab

stock photo: signing digital receipt

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