Monthly Archives: August 2015

New Stock Image Series: “School Bus Teens”

Late summer brings back-to-school time.  Whether you’re here in the mid-west, where schools start in the middle of August, or the east coast, where they wait until after Labor Day, or wherever, school buses will soon return to the streets, ferrying children to their happy days of learning (or, as they call it, “the prison I am forced to go to”). xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy tramadol no […]

Making A Ploughman’s Platter

So, you may know I’m a big Harry Potter fan from my previous post about Harry’s Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.  So, of course, I find the two Wizarding World Of Harry Potter areas at Universal Orlando some of the coolest theme park attractions around.  Everything in the areas adds up to make an amazing, immersive experience and that includes the food offerings.

Getting Work Done

Hey, it’s Tuesday, and that means …  Well … I guess it doesn’t mean anything, really.  But lets grab another question from my “Ask A Stock Photographer” series.  Pavel asks “How do you manage to cater for so many agencies, producing content in such quantities? Do you delegate some of the work like post-processing?“

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