4K Tailgating Party Videos Now Online

It’s Autumn.  Autumn means football.  Football means food, fun and tailgate parties!  New, for 2015, I’m excited to be licensing a new series of stock videos set “At The Tailgating Party”.  Even better, these videos are available in Ultra High Definition 4K resolution.

I’ve got quite a few series of “tailgate party fans” stock images, including a relatively recent one exclusively on Stocksy: http://www.stocksy.com/sjlocke/shoot/881 .

stock photo: football fans

Until now, however, I’ve not had a video series that could be used in conjunction with those.  Yes, I have an old video series from 2006 , but I’ve never been really excited about the lighting or color on them.  They do the job, but I’ve been wanting to redo the theme, and include more than just the cheering that those earlier videos encompassed.

Recently, I got my hands on a Lumix FZ1000, a “pro-sumer” camera which shoots 4K video.  I’ll write more about that and my 4K experiment in the upcoming weeks, but let me just say that after using Canon for so many years, the controls on this camera were amazingly easy to pick up.  During the party shoot, I had no issues moving ISOs, aperture or other settings as needed.  It was a breeze.  So, with the camera, some accessories, and quite a bit of food, we were set for this tailgating party session.

One of my models did a great job rounding up a group of friends to participate as football fanatics.  You can see that the fans in these videos are friends with each other.  Totally comfortable with each other, laughing and talking in the background.  They’re dressed in football jerseys in the team colors of red and black.  As far as tailgating, we grilled and ate brats and burgers, had some beers, checked cell phones for stats and did quite a few takes of cheering on the home team.  These videos would be great stand-alone, or as backgrounds.  In fact, there’s part of the series, set against a blue sky, that makes it super easy to drop text over.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find this the only tailgate party video series like this, available for licensing.

I’ve put together a little preview of the session and hosted it on youtube, and have embedded it below:

This video series is available both at Shutterstock and (soon) at Pond5.  By the way, there’s more to come – it takes a while to get 4K video uploaded.  As well, in the coming days, I’ll be featuring a whole bunch of new 4K videos for licensing, which I hope you’ll find totally useful.  Thanks!

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