Portfolio: New Emotion Series On Westend61

For today’s portfolio update, I’m showcasing a new series, available through Westend61 and its distributors, based on the concept of emotion and thought.  It’s a short series, but it was fun to do, and I think it worked out really well.  Let’s take a look.

The series came about because I wanted to use my projector in a model shoot in some way.  I thought it might be a neat idea to show and tell what was going on in the model’s head, or at least give a start to the viewer to make up their own story.  Maybe emotions and feelings jumped out at me because of last summer’s “Inside Out” movie.  The words and graphics were projected from a slight angle off center to add interest to the projections and to allow me to shoot straight on.

So the set has the female model, in a plain white shirt, against a plain gray background, and the focus is on the words that tell the story.  These could be used for any sort of advertisements, but as we were discussing during the session, perhaps in a campaign about bullying or similar, due to the dark aesthetic of the set, would be a good use.

As I said, these images are available at Westend61 and its partners, and will be licensed as Rights Managed content.  You can see the whole series in my portfolio: http://www.westend61.de/SeanLocke  Thanks!

stock photo: woman with emotions

stock photo: woman aware

stock photo: woman skeleton

stock photo: shy woman

stock photo: go away



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