Tailgate Video Stock Shoot Behind The Scenes

Two weeks ago, I blogged a preview of my new “tailgating party” 4k stock video series, here.  Today I wanted to show a few behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the session.  So, onward! …

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For this session, I had an assistant – my brother-in-law, who can help me set up, shoot some behind the scenes on my phone, and help me move camera equipment around.  Oh, he also has a pick-up truck, which fits right into the tailgate party theme.  So, thanks to him, I have a little bit of content I can put up to show how we did this shoot.

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In this first picture, you can see the magic of constraining what the camera sees.  The parking lot is totally empty, aside from our little group out in the middle.  So when composing shots, I had to keep in mind what I was seeing from a particular angle, that there was enough in the background, or I was low or high enough, that things wouldn’t look empty.  You can also see how I’ve kept logos in mind when setting up.  I’ve got a blanket covering the emblem and license on the right car, and one of my signs on the truck covering a big sticker.  Don’t want to worry about that kind of cleanup in video.  I missed a logo on the cooler in one shot, and it took a bit of time to cover it up.

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Behind the scenes images from a tailgating party stock video session.

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In the above image, you can see I’m using the Lumix FZ1000 on my Manfrotto tripod with fluid head.  No additional lighting was used, because we had a great, slightly overcast day.  I did come prepared with reflectors and LED lighting though.  One alternative to the tripod was my manual slider setup.  I’ve put the bar on two heavy duty Alien Bees tripods with these adapters on the top.  They have a longer thread than the lightstands and make it easier to bolt down the slider.   I’d really like one of these sliders from Rhino, though: http://rhinocameragear.com/collections/camera-sliders

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Tailgate Party Behind The Scenes

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As usual, the food is a supporting actor to the action, so we’re really cooking up a bunch of brats and burgers.  Oh, and there was beer too.

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Tailgate Party Behind The Scenes

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Here we are, faking a selfie.  These were fun.  Who doesn’t like a good selfie?  This also illustrates my third option for the camera – the handheld.  The FZ1000 had a nice stabilization system.  I wasn’t about to pull my old GlidePro2000 out of the closet.

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Tailgate Party Behind The Scenes

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Speaking of selfies…

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Tailgate Party Behind The Scenes

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Hope you found that all interesting.  If you’re interested in licensing any of these videos, head on over to Shutterstock or Pond5 to find them.  We’ll end with a few of the video clips I mentioned earlier.  Happy Monday!

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