New RF Stock Image Series: “At the Airport”

Today’s update highlights a series that I’ve had online for a couple of months, but hadn’t had time to feature yet – “At the Airport”.  Read on for more!

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This is not my first time creating stock images at an airport.  There was the time I rented a terminal for the shoot : and another time where we got access onto a plane : .  It’s a fun theme though, and a re-visit brings the opportunity to try and get something missed before.

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It took a while to set this up.  Our local authority has a whole permitting process these days that was put into place after George Clooney’s “Up In The Air” shot there.  So, even though my shoot was small, with just me and the models, I had to go through all the paperwork.  We didn’t require any airport security, as the day we were shooting on was a very light travel day.  The terminal is bright, so I was just going for natural light to get that “authentic feel” of travelers going about their business.

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Funny story, a desk agent jumped into one of my pictures in the back and I laughed and said something about her doing a “photo bomb”.  She got a look on her face and said “Shhh, don’t say the ‘B’ word!”…

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You can see some of the images below, and then check out the whole series here: , with a few more images still to come.  Thanks!

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stock photo: man at airport

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stock photo: woman with plane ticket

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stock photo: woman by all gates sign

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stock photo: woman waiting for ride.

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