Portfolio Update: Wine And Painting Class

Some call them “paint and sip” parties.  Whatever you call them, they’re all the rage these days.  Images of friends on Facebook show them having fun while drinking some wine and taking a painting class at the same time.  It’s a way to express your creativity, and it’s the theme of my new image series at Stocksy United.

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I guess I was ahead of the bar on this one.  Our local paper did a big article about these parties just a week or two after my new stock image series came online.

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You might be a candidate for Paint Nite or any of several events held at restaurants and bars, where you can wield a fat brush in one hand and a full glass of whatever in the other. (Some nonartists are actually ambidextrous that way.)

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This shoot was a lot of fun.  I gathered together a group of 20-30-something models.  I brought in snacks and several bottles of wine.  The models put on aprons.  And let the creativity (and wine) flow  Actually, they all took the painting very seriously, listening as the instructor gave them step-by-step instructions.  While it may sound odd, everyone making the same image, I think it may be freeing in a way – you don’t have to come up with the initial idea, but you can express that idea with your own flair.  One funny part was when the instructor showed them how to flick paint onto the canvas to make stars.  Let’s just say it didn’t all make it onto the canvas.

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You could use these images to illustrate things like night life, creativity, adult learning, or even for advertising similar events in your home town.  Lots of different angles and compositions to give you maximum flexibility in layout.  Thanks for stopping by today, and maybe get out to one of these parties yourself!  Check out the rest of the series here: https://www.stocksy.com/sjlocke/shoot/34951

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stock photo: opening wine

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stock photo: painting

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stock photo: painting a swing

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stock photo: drinking wine

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stock photo: successful party

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