Disney Photoshop Fun

You may know that before my photography career, I spent quite a few years working for Disney in Orlando, Florida.  So, I follow a few Disney related groups on Facebook.   And then this happened last night…

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A Cast Member from Splash Mountain posted this request (original thread) :

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… and the edits started to come on.  Star Wars was a popular theme.

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Re-edits of the cast member appeared as well.

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A few weeks back, the internet was all abuzz about “Angry Mom”, so she stopped by.

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Even Uncle Remus, the star of “Song Of the South”, the inspiration for Splash Mountain, went for a ride.

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Angry Mom again, Carl from “Up” and some sort of meme woman from the group I don’t understand yet…

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Then came a request for edits of a new image…

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Buzz, Woody and … that guy.


This was a new group to me (I had seen the image linked from another group) so I had to wait for posting approval.  First, the obvious edit for the original image.


Then a bit of the competition…


Old favorites of mine …


Then onto the new image. Of course, I couldn’t pass up Leo…


As the internet knows, you’ve then got to do a reverse edit.


Someone asked for Angry Mom again, so I added Angry Dad.


Then, a whole bunch of other Photoshop requests started coming in, which I won’t detail, but somehow, a certain person keeps appearing.


Abra Cadabra!

towerHave a great week!

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