Portfolio Update: Ceramic Painting Fun

I have a bunch of photo shoot ideas in the back of my head, and sometimes, eventually, they come to fruition.  I’d been wanting to do this one for a while, and I just had to find the right place.  It’s “Kids Having Fun At Ceramic Painting Store”.

You know the kind of shop.  You walk in, and there’s a wall of blank white ceramic canvas.  Pick a bowl, pick a plate, pick a cup.  Or stray from the kitchen cabinet and choose a dinosaur, hippo or pumpkin to express your creativity.  Then, there’s the issue of what to decorate the item with.  A saying? A pattern? Polka dots?  And then in what color or colors?  There are dozens of paint colors to choose from.  Truly, a million and one variations to choose from – a real chance to let the creative juice flow.

In this session, there are two sets of youths.  One is a brother and sister in the 5-7 year age range.  Painting a dinosaur and a kitten.  And then there are two teen female friends who stick to the more traditional heart plate, bowl and vase.  The images go from start to end so you can follow the process.

Thanks for looking!  Oh, and this series is exclusively on Stocksy United.

stock photo: girl choosing ceramic

stock photo: picking a paintbrush

stock photo: kids painting

stock photo: removing tape from plate

stock photo: finished dinosaur

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