It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to get out and enjoy the warm temperatures before we get back into snow and ice. I’ve got two new photo series to show today, “Skateboarders” and “Run at the Park”.

Typically, you can’t trust St. Louis weather in the summertime.  Suddenly, storms can pop up out of nowhere, and that’s what happened the first time we tried to do this skateboarding shoot.   At exactly the moment I pulled up to the skate park, the clouds opened and drenched us and the park, making it unsafe to shoot.  No problem, we rescheduled for the next week and no rain, but sun and warm temps.  With the light, we were shooting their tricks at high shutter speeds, over 1/500, sometimes filling in the shadows with a reflector, other times with a remote Speedlight and Pocket Wizards that allow high speed sync.  Worked great.

These guys were great, repeating moves several time in the heat so I could be sure of catching the best composition.  They did their kickflips, balance tricks, got lots of air and were grinding down the rails on the ramps.  You can tell they’re authentic, because of all the wear and tear on the skateboards.  In the images, you can get a real sense of how much energy they were putting out.  Check out some of the images below, and see the whole series here:

stock photo: skateboarder

stock photo: skateboard on wall

stock photo: skateboarder

stock photo: skateboarder

This next outdoor series was shot at a local park here in historic St. Charles, MO.  This young woman athlete runs for fun and competition, so I’ve captured her running/jogging through the park, and also doing some biking.  She’s holding a modern cell phone to play music through her earbuds as she exercises.  There are also some stretching exercises.  It was a hot day, so we’ve included some rehydration photos as well.  See the whole series here:

stock photo: female runner

stock photo: woman jogging

stock photo: runner with earbuds

stock photo: thirsy biker


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