Prepping Video For Stocksy Submission

If you’re a Stocksy contributor and a newbie to video (and using Windows), this might help you prep your content for submission.

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First step.  You need an editor.  Download the appropriate version of DaVinci Resolve here: Once you have Resolve installed on your machine, go ahead and start it up.   First step, you need to import your content.  Use the file browser at the top left of the screen to find your content.  It will appear as a list or series of thumbnails directly to the right.  Go ahead and drag all the content you’re interested in down to the bottom “bin” window.

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Now, you can trim your content pieces to the length you like.  Click on a clip and it will appear in the big window in the top middle.  There, you can play or scrub through the clip.  To set in and out points, you can either right click on the time line, or use the arrows on the right side.  You can also zoom into to check focus by using your mouse scroll wheel and move around the screen by holding the wheel down and moving the mouse.

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If there is a clip you don’t like, create a new “bin” by right clicking in that bottom section to “add bin”.  Call it rejects, and drag them into it.  Next, move on to the edit workflow layout by clicking at the bottom of the page.

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Here, drag all your trimmed clips from the upper right to the timeline at the bottom.  They should all end up one after the other.

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Next, you could move on to the “color” page if there were any special editing you had to do.  If not, go to the “deliver” page by clicking again at the bottom of the screen.

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First off, under the video options, select “individual clips” and it will write out … individual clips from each clip in the timeline.  Select “QuickTime” as the format, and “DNxHR HQ” as the codec.  If you are shooting DSLR, this is the codec you want as it supports 4K and isn’t trying to save extra color information that isn’t in your clip, as DSLRs don’t contain that much per pixel info.  Saves space.  Also, click the audio tab and turn off “export audio”.  Now, set the filename and location to your desires.  Then “Add To Render Queue” – hidden in my photo above by the option box.  Then, over on the right side of the screen, “Start Render” and head out for lunch.

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That’s where I’ve gotten so far.  As I mentioned, this is my windows workflow.  Mac users can export directly to ProRes, the desired end format.  Windows files will be transcoded after upload.

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To play back movie files on your Windows machine, you can download the codecs and install them (it’s an installation program)  from here : .  Now, supposedly, this will allow Quicktime to play these DNxHR files back, but all I got was a white screen.  So after some research, I found this program, which the free version will play back the clips with a watermark:

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Now, I’ve tried to use Adobe Bridge to add EXIF data to the resulting clips.  It didn’t work the first time I tried, but it did the second time.  Unfortunately, Bridge does not want to display the files due to the format.  I’m also not sure if the added data will somehow appear on the other end.  We’ll have to see.

Good luck!

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