I’m welcoming summer with an all new small business image series, that’s perfect for the season.  It’s a visit to the “modern antique shop”.

Why is it modern?  This shop has a fresh clean look, and a saleswoman that brings both youth and experience.  It’s running credit cards through new technology at the register.  It’s wrapping items up in cute bags from a paper and supply station.  And there are new items, picture frames and such, along with things you’d find in an antique store – signs, tableware, flowers, etc.

This series has a little something for everyone.  There’s a younger female customer, and a more mature shopper as well.  Lots of copyspace for easy text addition, but still some options where the model or object stars.  You can focus on technology with the digital tablet or the card reader.  Or concentrate on shopping with close ups on jewelry or final purchases. And this small business just says “we’re local” – no mega-super-chain-market-store here. This is your neighborhood. Local people investing in the local economy.

See the whole series here: https://www.stocksy.com/sjlocke/shoot/62532 after you check out some previews below. Thanks for stopping by!

stock photo: open sign

stock photo: digital tablet

stock photo: shopper

stock photo: wrapping purchase

stock photo: credit card reader

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