New Series: The Wine Shop

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s “photo trade” post is another new series, shot in much the same way.  “The Wine Shop”.

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Along the lines of yesterday’s blog post, for this shoot, I had visited a cute local wine shop several times and thought it would be a great location to create a new series.  After getting in touch with the owner and discussing it, we set up the session for a day they were closed, in the late afternoon.  It’s always better to shoot when there are no regular customers around, as they tend to get in the way and slow things down.

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For this shoot, I did look on other agencies to see if there were any ideas that had been missed, and I was surprised to find that nothing out there was at all like what I was thinking of, either in content, or in style.  So I was really happy with the results that came out of this.  The multi-ethnic group of models did a great job, following directions, but getting into the moment for a natural look.  We covered both wine shopping and a cheese and wine tasting.  Some images focus on the models while others are more anonymous, keeping attention on the products or surroundings.

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Take a preview here, and then find the whole series at Stocksy United:  Thanks for looking!

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stock photo: wine selection
stock photo: wine inventory
stock photo: wine customer
stock photo: wine tasting
stock photo: cheese plate

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