New Series: Summertime Ice Cream

I’m a bit behind in presenting the new work I’ve been doing, so let’s keep up the streak with this “last blast of summer” series – “The Ice Cream Shop”. 

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For this one, I gathered a group of kids and teens on a summer day at a cute local ice cream shop.  This shop’s specialty is the cookies and waffle cones they make to go with the ice cream.  The smell from the waffles is awesome in the store.

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I made sure to include the mess that comes along with the treat, so we went through a lot of napkins.  Dribbles down arms, ice cream dropped to the ground.  A favorite among the kids was the rainbow sherbet, so you’ll see that a couple of times.  We also did “cookie sandwich”.

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These images would be great for any article about the end of summer or treats for a hot day, or really anything to do with ice cream.  Preview the images below, or check out the whole series (at least what’s been uploaded so far) at Stocksy United:

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Thanks, and have a great Labor Day weekend.

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stock photo: boy with ice cream

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stock photo: cookie ice cream sandwich

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stock photo: kids with ice cream

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stock photo: ice cream bowl

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stock photo: buying ice cream

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