Portfolio Update: Winter Sport – Curling

Image series about the winter sport of curling. Photos taken during a session of the Saint Louis Curling Club in 12/2017.

Welcome to 2018!  And a slew of new images to update you on.  First, let’s get to my new “Curling” series.

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Coming up this February are the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.  One of the sports that has been gaining in popularity over the last several games is the sport of Curling.  You could think of Curling as sort of like shuffleboard on ice.  The thrower slides a “stone” down the “sheet” to try to get it as close as possible to the center of the “house” at the other end.  Teammates use brooms to “sweep” in front of the stone as it moves, in order to change the friction of the ice and influence the path of the stone.  (Hopefully I got all the lingo correct.)

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In early December, I gained access to a competition night at the St. Louis Curling Club .  What a fun time everyone was having playing this sport.  There were five sheets and each had two teams of four people.  It’s clearly a sport that can be played by all ages, since there were all kinds of people from a few kids, up to seniors.  I learned about the game, from how the stones are kept in a freezer to keep them cold (who knew?) to how the ice is pebbled with water sprayers and even about how the best ice is created (this ain’t hockey ice up in the pro level).

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Images from this series would be great to illustrate general stories about Curling when talking about the Olympics, unique ways to get exercise, or even fun sports hobbies for all ages.  See some previews below, and check out the whole series here: https://www.stocksy.com/sjlocke/shoot/73750 Thanks!

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stock photo: curling

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stock photo: curling

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stock photo: curling

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stock photo: curling sweeping

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stock photo: curling measuring

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