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Tailgate Video Stock Shoot Behind The Scenes

Two weeks ago, I blogged a preview of my new “tailgating party” 4k stock video series, here.  Today I wanted to show a few behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the session.  So, onward! … xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy ambien online without prescription valium online without prescription buy xanax online valium for sale soma online pharmacy buy xanax online no prescription tramadol for sale […]

Getting Work Done

Hey, it’s Tuesday, and that means …  Well … I guess it doesn’t mean anything, really.  But lets grab another question from my “Ask A Stock Photographer” series.  Pavel asks “How do you manage to cater for so many agencies, producing content in such quantities? Do you delegate some of the work like post-processing?“

How I Do It: Uploading

So, last week, I answered the first part of Steve’s question : “How do you manage key wording and uploading?”   Today, let’s discuss uploading.  Or at least, how I do it.

Portrait Lens

Occasionally (actually, frequently), on iStockphoto, or various other photography forums, people will ask “What’s the best lens for ______”.  Fill in the blank with your choice of “weddings”, “landscapes”, “portraits”, etc.  Most of the time, I don’t think these questions are easily answered as it depends on all kinds of other things – what kind of lighting we are dealing with, or the body/face type of the person, etc.  However, I thought I would throw out one suggestion for a […]

Behind the Scenes for “Grass”

A look behind the scenes at a recent shoot.

Calculating Price Paid Per Credit

Many times on iStockphoto, a contributor will be concerned that the royalty paid out for a certain size download is incorrect. Since IS sells credits anywhere from $.50 – $1.50, there is a wide range of amounts that could be paid out for any size purchase. You can use the calculator below to see if your royalty payment falls in, or close to, the range mentioned above.

iStock’s New Referral Program

Learn about the new iStock referral system and what the referral code does.

Note to ABC GMA Fans

Get rich quick with your images! Not!

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