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The Pinterest Latest

I haven’t been keeping a strong eye on the Pinterest copyright infringement situation lately, having a bunch of stock shoots and other work to do.  However, yesterday, it popped back up on my radar when one of my earlier comments was quoted on Mashable.com: xanax online no prescriptiontramadol online without prescription buy tramadol online without prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy tramadol no prescription buy ambien online without prescription valium online without prescription buy xanax online valium for sale soma […]

Some More Pinterest Detective Work

I’ve been following a few threads on the net that I’ve found that have linked to my various articles on Pinterest and the copyright issues it faces.  One of them led to a discussion on Linked In, which I joined.  One poster mentioned that Pinterest usage is “fair use” and isn’t doing any damage, since they aren’t making any money off of the “pinned” image.  I disagreed, and the poster mentioned a specific business and that Pinterest “is a wonderful […]

Pinterest Announces New Terms

The past several weeks have seen lots of publicity about Pinterest.com as well as its/its users’ copyright infringement of third party works.   Yesterday, co-founder Ben Silbermann posted in their blog: Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on an update to our Terms. When we first launched Pinterest, we used a standard set of Terms.  We think that the updated Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy are easier to understand and better reflect the direction our company is headed in […]

Pinterest Blocking Meta Tag

Apparently, all the discussion about Pinterest and copyright has caught the attention of the company higher-ups over there.  Last Wednesday, I mentioned that by putting a special meta tag in the header of the html for a page, Pinterest would disallow pinning by their bookmarklet.  I thought this was something that I had originally missed while scanning through their help documentation.  However, it seems like this was actually a new attempt (along with a 500 character limit on comments) to […]

Pinterest and “Pinning Etiquette”

In reading comments on other blogs about the Pinterest copyright problem, one of the things that people are taking issue with is poor “pinning etiquette”, one facet of which is not “pinning” to the original source image so that the original artist gets credit and a link.  Again, credit and/or a link is not a way to get around copyright infringement.  If you have the desire to use someone’s image on your blog, you should secure the proper license/permission to […]

Pinterest and Groups

We’ve been talking about Pinterest, and by extension, all the wave of “___board” sites, like Juxtapost.com .  One additional problem occurred to me today, as I was reading comments on a blog post about using Pinterest to promote non-profit groups.  I think, up until this point, I’ve been pointing out that “pinning” images to these sites merely infringes copyright of the, usually, unwilling, original artist.  However, what if the content is not merely being used for a “I love this” […]

Thoughts From Others on Pinterest

The issue of Pinterest’s continued copyright infringement is spreading to blogs across the web.  Here are some more articles on the issue.  I was trying to come up with ways Pinterest could appear like it cares about the rights of the artists it is currently infringing upon.  One thought was to require that site owners submit their website to Pinterest for indexing as a sign of “permission” and then Pinterest users could browse submitted imagery for “inspiration”.  The “Napster” author […]

More Thoughts on Pinterest

Last week, I took a look at how the new social networking site Pinterest encourages and facilitates copyright infringement.  Today, I actually have an example of the kinds of issues that can anger people whose works are “pinned” (infringed upon) on the Pinterest.com site.

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