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New Series: High End Bar Menu

Looking for some imagery to add to your brewpub or steak menus?  Take a look at this new series. xanax online no prescriptionWe had a new restaurant open in our area.  Whenever a business opens, I see an opportunity for a new location to shoot.  I will get in contact to see if they might be interested in working out a trade, from which we both benefit.  It can be bringing in models to do a lifestyle shoot or capturing […]

New Image Series: The Modern Antique Shop

I’m welcoming summer with an all new small business image series, that’s perfect for the season.  It’s a visit to the “modern antique shop”. Why is it modern?  This shop has a fresh clean look, and a saleswoman that brings both youth and experience.  It’s running credit cards through new technology at the register.  It’s wrapping items up in cute bags from a paper and supply station.  And there are new items, picture frames and such, along with things you’d […]

Portfolio Update: Business Travelers

A new image series available exclusively on Stocksy United depicts one of the tough parts of business travel – the stay in the hotel room.  Read on for more!

Mardi Gras Donuts

We’re around the calendar again, and Mardi Gras has returned! 

Super Bowl Means Time To Eat!

    It’s the climax of the professional football season.  Even if you’re not an edge of the seat sports fan, it’s likely you’re going to get together with some good friends with some tasty food and drink.  Maybe you’ll just watch the commercial to see what the next viral sensation is.   Or perhaps just a fan of the halftime act.  Whatever your interest, you aren’t likely to be watching it without something in your hands to satiate your appetite.  […]

Portfolio Update: Police with Patrol Car

In case you haven’t heard, Stocksy United quietly added video to its offerings a few months ago.  Today I’m showcasing a new combination photo and stills series – “Police in the Neighborhood“.

Election 2016 Images In Action

Finally, November 8th, Election Day, is here, and we can get this thing over with.  While you wait for results, here are a few of my election related images I found “in action”.

Using DaVinci Resolve For Canon 5dMk4 Footage

The other day, I discussed how to use Resolve to prep footage for Stocksy. If you are a person just dealing with HD 30fps clips, you can skip over today’s post. However, if you’re working with the Canon 5dMk4, read on, because there are some tricks involved.

Prepping Video For Stocksy Submission

If you’re a Stocksy contributor and a newbie to video (and using Windows), this might help you prep your content for submission.

Portfolio Update: Nashville Style Hot Chicken

It’s one of the “hot” things on the food scene right now.  Nashville Style Hot Chicken.  Read on to learn how to make it at home.